Games You Should(ve) Played……The Monkey Island Series part 2

Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge (1991)

The second in the Monkey Island series, LeChuck’s Revenge was released in 1991, just a year after the original.  It looked and played just about the same as the original and also had a remake recently.  One of the main differences was that Revenge was only availible on MS-DOS, Amiga Macintosh and eventually on FM Towns.

Story and Characters

All the same main characters, Guybrush, Elaine and LeChuck are all here along with a few others.  The location has changed and you are no longer on Melee Island, you are in the Tri-Island area of the Caribbean, although all three islands are made up.  The three islands that make up the area are Dinky Island, Phatt Island and Booty Island, although most of the gameplay takes place on a fourth island, Scabb Island.

The Tri Island Area!

The game begins with Guybrush hanging from a rope over a hole while telling Elaine, who incidentally is hanging from an adjoining rope.  The game itself is a flashback of what happened leading up to that moment.

The flashback starts with Guybrush telling some pirates about his adventure and how he defeated LeChuck.  He also mentions that he is looking for the treasure of Big Whoop.  Much to Guybrushes dismay he finds that LeChucks old first mate, Largo LaGrande, has closed off the island.  Which means that Guybrush can’t leave to search for the treasure.  This leads to a showdown between Guybrush and Largo.  While Guybrush defeats Largo, he also mentions that he has LeChuck’s beard, which Largo promptly steals and uses to resurrect LeChuck. The difference? Well now LeChuck is a zombie, not a ghost.

Turns out the treasure of “Big Whoop” is a key to another dimension that can help Guybrush escape LeChuck forever.  After a lot of research at a library, drinking contest, gambling and a whole lot more, Guybrush recovers all the fragments of a map that should show the location of the treasure.  As Guybrush is having the map decoded, both the map and the decoder are kidnapped LeChuck.  Guybrush sneaks into LeChuck’s lair to rescue Wally the cartographer and the map, sadly, they escape without the map.

Guybrush eventually ends up on Dinky Island, Where he eventually finds a parrot that helps guide him to Big Whoop.  Guybrush uses explosives to dig up the burial site, which Elaine hears from Booty Island and heads over to investigate.  The flashback is now over and we are at the opening sequence.  Elaine agrees to help under one condition…..if it shuts Guybrush up.  As Elaine agrees Guybrushe’s rope snaps and he falls into some tunnels under the island.  Here he is confronted by LeChuck and chases him through the tunnels with a voodoo doll.  Throughout the chase there are some surprises, one is that LeChuck claims to be Guybrush’s brother, you also stumble upon a sign that points to a medical examination room, that is labeled Lost Parents and contains the skeletons of Guybrush’s parents, he also finds an elevator to Melee Island and what appears to be the inner workings of an amusement park….and that’s all I’m telling you….


Same as the first game, good ole point and click

Graphics and Sound

Same as the first game, except it was only released in VGA on the PC.  It was also was remade into a special edition.  Soundwise, it used the iMuse sound engine, which was revolutionary at the time because it allowed the music to change to fit the environment or scene.  Same with the Special Edition, it’s scene for scene just like the Special Edition version of the first one.


Revenge is a bit longer and more confusing than the first but is still a great game worthy of your time and effort.  Just as the first game, I highly recommend it.


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